Podcasts and Interviews

I've been fortunate to be on some great podcasts, video casts, or whatever they call people giving their opinion on the internet. Here's a list:

Jorge Castro on Late Stage Linux on the Desktop and Working for the CNCF
Matt Ray interviews Jorge Castro, veteran Community Manager from the CNCF. They discuss Project Bluefin, behind the scenes at the CNCF, and mentoring the next generation of open source contributors. Plus, “you can have anything you want, but the defaults are the best”.
The kubernetes community for developers, with Jorge Castro
Jorge Castro explains how the kubernetes community works, the different parts, how to get involved, and what developers should know about it.
Kubernetes Podcast from Google: Episode 74 - Community and Contributor Experience, with Jorge Castro
Jorge Castro is a community manager employed by VMware to help run the upstream Kubernetes community. He joins Adam and Craig to talk about the programs run by SIG Contributor Experience, the difference between supporting contributors and end users, and the recent steering committee election.
Podcast #48 - Sponsored by Powdermilk Biscuits - Stack Overflow Blog
Welcome to Stack Exchange Podcast #48! Our guest today is Jorge Castro, member of the Community Team at Canonical (of Ubuntu fame). We also have Robert Cartaino, our very own Director of Community Development, here at Stack Exchange, as well as the usual suspects – David Fullerton, Jay Hanlon, and J…