Literally just care

There's this meme on twitter where now-famous developers and other tech people post all the jobs that they applied for and got rejected from and then maybe that will help with my impostor's syndrome.

I would feel bad for you but because of you I've had to sit through Frozen 2 like 65,000 times so I'm sorry if it didn't work the way you wanted Justin OMG it's not about you.

Here's something that is not a meme, the people I know who have been posting stuff like this all share one common trait. They literally just care. That's it, no magic, no stardust, they just give a shit.

Care about your users, care about your community, care about your teammates. The rest you'll figure out, so what if you need to work on your skills, if you care you'll get there.

Let the cards fall where they may, bring your A game but want to be there, that's kinda cool, and if you know these people you know I'm totally right.

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