Nvidia Linux users, this thirty-four line Containerfile might make your life suck way less.

Ooooh I just had to pick a saucy title. Thanks to Josh Stone and Alex Diaz we now have a working Nvidia image of Fedora Silverblue.

We've hopefully just removed a whole pile of jank from your setups: by moving the driver building process to the cloud we can now build an image with a working kernel and driver (and the rest of the OS too). This OCI container image gets published to a registry, and then you just rebase to that image and boot your machine off of it.

Here's what we're trying to do

Advantages to doing it this way ... first of all, you don't have to care about setting up rpmfusion or any of that, or building a kernel module on your machine. You're just rebooting into a fresh OS image every day.

If there's an upgrade and there's something in that new driver that breaks for you, you can roll back to any image built in the last 90 days. If a new kernel or driver breaks, this build breaks, and a new image is never published, so it doesn't end up on your computer. Then the community can fix it ... in one place for everyone. That's the goal anyway!

This is temporary

Of course this is just moving the complexity over to the left a little bit, the real solution is going to be NVK but this should at least make things suck less until then.

Follow the instructions in this repo:

GitHub - ublue-os/nvidia: A layer to build NVidia drivers
A layer to build NVidia drivers. Contribute to ublue-os/nvidia development by creating an account on GitHub.

Help us out

If you got the skills to donate and an Nvidia powered machine you're willing to sacrifice to the cause you'll need to install Silverblue and then follow the instructions there. Don't worry, the new Anaconda installer will grow the ability to install from a custom image, so some day you'll have your perfect little USB key, but for now you gotta rebase.

We have a thread where people are posting their results. Try all your stuff, games, CUDA stuff, whatever, let us know.

If you've been following along in the journey you're probably ready to ask, what about Kinoite, Vauxite, MATE, and the rest? We've got a set of actions building the images that we'd love to matrix out so we can make 37, 38, and rawhide for each one, so if you've got some mad Cloud Automation skills PRs are gladly accepted!

And lastly, be careful what you read!

A fundamental concept to cloud native is composability. That means customization to your exact specifications! When you read that these systems are "limited" or "for beginners" it just means the person making those claims hasn't used these systems in any kind of serious capacity, so be careful where you get your information from!

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